Cougar in the City

Knock Knock! There's a Cougar in Town.

Okay, okay.. I'm not a cougar in the sense that I'm chasing 22-year-olds around town, but I'm an animal when it comes to my goals and aspirations in this rat race of a place. This month marks my 6th year living in New York City and I've never felt more motivated to keep pushing towards my goals.

For the last few months, I've been updating my wardrobe to make sure its directed to were I want to go and not necessarily where I'm comfortable at. You know the saying-- "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have."--it applies in the sense that I want to upgrade my wardrobe while still growing as the boss I am.

My way of dressing beyond myself, or at least beyond my normal black on black uniform, includes a new abundance of silk shift dresses that give a pop! Specifically, this ZARA leopard print shift literally screamed my name when I saw it in the store.

An updated wardrobe can do wonders to your self-confidence and your overall goals. I mean, I've published 2 blog posts in 2 weeks, so you knooooow I'm feeling good.

But, while this can be seen as just an outward expression of confidence, I can honestly say with everything that I've gone through so far in 2018, I've never felt more empowered and self-motivated in who I am and who I know I can be as a person.

While this beauty is sold out, I've found another leo printed dress that packs just as much punch.

Literally in the Gray

We're finally within arms reach of Spring, or what we hope will be warmer weather. So I've decided to amp up my wardrobe for the new year and focus on finding classic pieces that will be staples in my wardrobe for years to come.

If you know me, then you know I'm a sucker for anything monochrome. I've learned that by sticking to the same simple basics and adding a few statement pieces, I can amplify my style to the next level. And, that's exactly what I've done with this chic and sophisticated look. It's simple enough to take my everyday black staples and bring me to the chic side of things. 


For all of my everyday looks I usually stick to my uniform of black on black.--What can I say, it's the NYC PR go to-- My favorite  pieces this season are a ribbed bodysuit and a pair of the best leggings Zara has to offer-all in black of course. I love Naked Wardrobe's "The All Ribbed Bodysuit." It's not too thin, and features a slightly high neckline that makes it a sophisticated piece to pair with anything. Now I know you probably thought, BASIC when I said I wear leggings, but Zara's "Wide Waistband Leggings" are nowhere near basic. With the wide waistband and the center seam down the legs, these leggings are sophisticated and work with any outfit. I'm not kidding, they look better than my best pair of slacks, and are 10x more comfortable. I may be a little bit crazy, but I have about 4 pairs of these leggings and equally the same amount of the bodysuit in my closet. 

For my feet, I stick with my favorite black booties, which bring me to new heights both figuratively and literally. I've had major success with these Lillia Boots from White Fox Boutique. As the weather gets warmer, I'll switch out my booties for some mules like this chic but simple pair from H&M (click here).


Since my base is pretty much a constant, I like to add a boost my look with overcoats to cover up this tush and a simple handbag. I've been obsessed with Zara lately and I found both this suede overcoat and this cute box bag on my last online excursion. Both pieces are simple enough on their own, but added to the base they bring up the sophistication level without breaking the bank. 

And to obviously look cooler than I really am, I finish off the look with some sunnies from Quay.

What are your go-to staples in your wardrobe?

A Taste of Spring in February

Alright, alright.. I know I'm jumping the gun on this one, but this 77° weather today is giving me hope for warmer weather and a more vibrant wardrobe. So I did something that I rarely do on a work day... I put on a dress!


Yes, I've officially gone mad! The girl who will literally avoid a dress for work at all costs, willingly jumped at the chance to wear this flowing frock on the first warm day of 2018. This stripped caftan style dress is totally up my ally. When I spotted it at Zara a couple of weeks back, the first thing that popped into my head was- 'Sophisticated Chic,' which is the exact mood I want my wardrobe to exude this year. 


I paired this burgundy and navy stripped dress with my go-to crossbody from YSL. Being the girl that usually carries her whole life to work everyday, you'd be surprised that I've made this my go to every day bag. It's light- it's chic- and it literally works with everything. I paired this with a pair of booties that have been hiding under my desk for a bout a year, which keeps this "seasonally appropriate."

Overall, I feel really "adult" in this look and can't wait for you all to see some of my wardrobe upgrades for 2018.

Breaking The Rules: White After Labor Day

Some rules are just meant to be broken... Especially if it's your first night out back in NYC after about 2 months of nonstop working and a little bit of play!

If you knew how long this outfit has actually been in my closet, you'd probably think I had some big extravagant plan for this set. But, there's always a time and a place for everything! I actually bought the tube top and wide-leg trousers over a year ago (YES I SAID A YEAR), but wanted to have the look altered to perfection. Right before my trip to Greece, I did just that.

I decided to wear this gorgeous set during my office end of NY Fashion Week party and I must say it was well worth the wait!

The awesome thing about this outfit is that the pieces although all the same shade of white, are all different textures. By mixing and matching different textures while still keeping a monochrome palette, I'm staying right on trend this season. I especially love this satin vest I bought from Naked Wardrobe.

Check out some similar options to get this look yourself.


First Day of Spring Fashion Finds

First day of Spring calls for closet clean-outs and new fashion finds. Even though it is literally snowing outside, I did get a little shopping in for the hopefully sooner-than-later warmer weather coming. Here are some of my finds for Spring 2015 from two of my go to stores for trendy looks.


While Forever isn't my favorite place to shop, I've recently been pleasantly surprised by the quality pieces I've been able to find. As always, shopping at this mega-store is usually a hit or miss for me, but this Spring they've created some staple pieces that have really brought my wardrobe to life.

When it comes to Zara, I get a bit goggly-eyed when their Spring and Fall collections hit stores. I stopped into the newly renovated location on 42nd and Fifth and was pleasantly surprised not only by the redesign of the store but also with seeing my favorite colors in great new styles and silhouettes. 



If there's one thing I've been looking for relentlessly these last few months, it was a pair of high waisted wide leg trousers in white. Thank you Zara for reading my fashion-frenzied mind and bringing me an AMAZING pair of trousers. I paired these babies with a white ruffled crop top to make sure my legs looked super long. I'd also love to wear these pants with a black fitted crop or even a bandeau and a white blazer. Definitely a chic look for 2015.



It's hard to believe that when I first saw this jumpsuit online I thought it looked a hot mess, but seeing it within the store, I fell in love with this zip front jumpsuit within seconds of walking into the store.

Unlike a lot of Forever21 products, this jumpsuit is made from a lightweight woven material that feels like it will be one of those pieces that will last.

Although this specific one is currently sold out, Zara has an crossover version in olive. When I saw it in the store I was so tempted to pick it up, but then I slapped myself back in to reality.

The Zara jumpsuit is not as casual but still has that slightly slouchy fit that I usually look for in a one piece. 



Who doesn't love a good khaki? These caged booties are the perfect addition for warmer weather and brunch 'fits.

These shoes look a lot like a pair I got from Steve Madden in black leather, but the suede and khaki color give these shoes a versatile appeal.

Paired with my favorite pair of Leigh jeans from Topshop, white tank and a neutral toned trench vest, there'll be nothing stopping you from making a fashionable statement.

This trench is from Forever 21, who I've also been a bit obsessed with (have you seen their duster jackets??? Can you say Oh My GAAAA). If you're looking for good layering pieces, check out their woven dusters jackets.


Like my picks for Spring? Tell me what you're wishing to add to your wardrobe.

Salt with a Dash of Pepper: White & Black OOTD

I love wearing black... Maybe a little too much black... But what New Yorker doesn't?

So I thought I'd switch it up by going to the under end of the color spectrum and rock some white. It's not only the color of the season, but gave me a refreshed feeling while walking through the streets of NYC today.

Shirt, Eleven Paris Exclusive at Intermix (Similar) | Leather Jacket, Zara | Jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch 

I've probably owned one pair of white pants in my whole life other than these. And that's because I'm the ultimate klutz. But as I've matured and learned how to make "less" of a mess, I wanted to try something new and refreshing this season. I found these amazing skinny jeans at Abercrombie & Fitch (I know, I know, it was literally the first time I've been in there since I was 15 and I can definitely say they still have some of the best affordable jeans on the market...even if my new size devastated me a little). At least my butt looks great :)

Pairing the look with my Eleven Paris "Kate Moss" tee and my new leather jacket from Zara, gave my looks some needed edge. Making this innocent and refreshing white, look like it had some City grit to it. 

How will you rock white this season?


PS, like my leather? There's a lot of great faux and real leather options out there (Zara has about 10 styles alone) so you can definitely find an amazing piece in your budget. It's a great statement piece that will be a staple in your wardrobe.