Safari Prep: PrettyLittleThing Vacation Wardrobe picks

As we get closer to Black Friday and my epic Golden Birthday Trip to Africa, you know I’ve had to do some ridiculous amounts of wardrobe prep. And what better way to prepare for the trip of a life time than by buying amazing pieces that would fit perfectly with a Safari backdrop.

If there’s somewhere that I’ve been hesitant but excited to test out for clothing it’s PrettyLittleThing. I ordered from here maybe a year or 2 ago and wasn’t too impressed with the quality, but many of my girlfriends and a lot of my guilty celebrity crushes have raved about the online store, so I thought I’d give it a second chance. All I can say is, they’ve redeemed themselves!

When choosing my picks, I really focused in on perfect Safari looks. So browns and khaki’s were my colors of choice.

The Boiler-suit: Khaki and Safari ready! I’m going to look a little like I’m in the Wild Thornberry’s, but I’m all for it. This suit is the perfect easy and breezy fabric to handle the 97 degree temperatures in Zambia so I’m all for it.

The Dress: Whoever said you can’t pull off wearing brown with a little more melanin, didn’t see me in this. This dress definitely is a little more on the scandalous side and I’m not quite sure when I’ll actually be wearing this—maybe I’ll find time in-between visiting the Giraffe sanctuary and the Elephant orphanage in Kenya or I’ll just keep it for a night out in Cape Town.

I was a little nervous at first since this is a body con dress and I’ve pretty much stayed away from this style since 2011 when my booty and my morals were much smaller, but all my fears were washed away when I put this on. It hugs all of the right curves and is super flattering. Definitely a curvy goals dress!

I also got 2 other pieces that I’m super excited to wear on my trip. Of course they’re in khaki and are great casual essentials for our wine tasting and museum touring days.

I definitely love both of these pieces and can’t wait to wear them on my trip! What would be some of your vacation essentials?