A Taste of Spring in February

Alright, alright.. I know I'm jumping the gun on this one, but this 77° weather today is giving me hope for warmer weather and a more vibrant wardrobe. So I did something that I rarely do on a work day... I put on a dress!


Yes, I've officially gone mad! The girl who will literally avoid a dress for work at all costs, willingly jumped at the chance to wear this flowing frock on the first warm day of 2018. This stripped caftan style dress is totally up my ally. When I spotted it at Zara a couple of weeks back, the first thing that popped into my head was- 'Sophisticated Chic,' which is the exact mood I want my wardrobe to exude this year. 


I paired this burgundy and navy stripped dress with my go-to crossbody from YSL. Being the girl that usually carries her whole life to work everyday, you'd be surprised that I've made this my go to every day bag. It's light- it's chic- and it literally works with everything. I paired this with a pair of booties that have been hiding under my desk for a bout a year, which keeps this "seasonally appropriate."

Overall, I feel really "adult" in this look and can't wait for you all to see some of my wardrobe upgrades for 2018.

First Day of Spring Fashion Finds

First day of Spring calls for closet clean-outs and new fashion finds. Even though it is literally snowing outside, I did get a little shopping in for the hopefully sooner-than-later warmer weather coming. Here are some of my finds for Spring 2015 from two of my go to stores for trendy looks.


While Forever isn't my favorite place to shop, I've recently been pleasantly surprised by the quality pieces I've been able to find. As always, shopping at this mega-store is usually a hit or miss for me, but this Spring they've created some staple pieces that have really brought my wardrobe to life.

When it comes to Zara, I get a bit goggly-eyed when their Spring and Fall collections hit stores. I stopped into the newly renovated location on 42nd and Fifth and was pleasantly surprised not only by the redesign of the store but also with seeing my favorite colors in great new styles and silhouettes. 



If there's one thing I've been looking for relentlessly these last few months, it was a pair of high waisted wide leg trousers in white. Thank you Zara for reading my fashion-frenzied mind and bringing me an AMAZING pair of trousers. I paired these babies with a white ruffled crop top to make sure my legs looked super long. I'd also love to wear these pants with a black fitted crop or even a bandeau and a white blazer. Definitely a chic look for 2015.



It's hard to believe that when I first saw this jumpsuit online I thought it looked a hot mess, but seeing it within the store, I fell in love with this zip front jumpsuit within seconds of walking into the store.

Unlike a lot of Forever21 products, this jumpsuit is made from a lightweight woven material that feels like it will be one of those pieces that will last.

Although this specific one is currently sold out, Zara has an crossover version in olive. When I saw it in the store I was so tempted to pick it up, but then I slapped myself back in to reality.

The Zara jumpsuit is not as casual but still has that slightly slouchy fit that I usually look for in a one piece. 



Who doesn't love a good khaki? These caged booties are the perfect addition for warmer weather and brunch 'fits.

These shoes look a lot like a pair I got from Steve Madden in black leather, but the suede and khaki color give these shoes a versatile appeal.

Paired with my favorite pair of Leigh jeans from Topshop, white tank and a neutral toned trench vest, there'll be nothing stopping you from making a fashionable statement.

This trench is from Forever 21, who I've also been a bit obsessed with (have you seen their duster jackets??? Can you say Oh My GAAAA). If you're looking for good layering pieces, check out their woven dusters jackets.


Like my picks for Spring? Tell me what you're wishing to add to your wardrobe.