A New Look: JOVANI & MASLAVI for the Modern Woman

Most of the time when someone asks me about JOVANI the first thing they say is, "oh yeah, the prom brand." What most people don't realize is that the evening wear brand goes beyond just the prom market and is actually a staple in markets ranging from bridal, party-cocktail, evening-gala, and my favorite contemporary collection, MASLAVI.

MASLAVI has become my go-to for gorgeous fits without going over the top. Just look at how sexy the jumpsuit above is! Can you say A-MA-ZING! The mix of simple silhouettes, unique fabrics and overall beyond trend styles makes this collection a hidden gem. Check out my new youtube video showcasing 3 of my favorite pieces. 

The one thing that I love about this collection is the styles are versatile enough to fit any event. From going out to dinner to a night out on the town, even a pageant interview, this collection just works. The striped midi dress and jumpsuits are exactly what I go for when I want to "dress up." The racerback and plunging neckline styles are great for my frame. I love the midi dress striped dress because the neckline and overall covered look isn't showing too much but emphasizing my hourglass shape. The jumpsuits, all though they are showing a lot more cleavage, it is overall a classic shape that shows my shape without being overly out there.

Which MASLAVI picks do you like?

It's My Birthday!

Yep yep it's my birthday! Another year older and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Now you'd think that turning 26 would make me cringe since that means another year closer to the big 3-0, but I've actually been pretty excited to "grow up". Not only am I making my dreams a reality, but I’m having fun while doing it. To bring in my 26th, I planned a dinner and night out with some of my closest friends back in my old stomping grounds of DC.


Being that I haven’t lived in the DMV for almost 4 years now, it was definitely difficult finding the perfect venue to bring in my birthday. It also didn’t help that my girlfriends go pretty much every where and wanted to try something “new” lol. I settled on Claudia’s Steakhouse located on 15th and K. Just going on photos and yelp reviews, I felt this place would definitely be a good option for a “grown and sexy” event.

wore one of the newest designs from JOVANI's Maslavi collection. This dress is absolutely gorgeous and gives a sporty feel to modern chic.

photo courtesy of claudiassteakhouse.com

photo courtesy of claudiassteakhouse.com

We were seated in their private dining room that was thankfully separated from the lounge/bar area. There was a large event going on that had the bar area packed so, I’m definitely thankful I made a reservation. Walking in, you’re hit with an elegant combination of decor and lighting in white and gray tones. This restaurant is gorgeous!

I had a party of 8 of my closest girlfriends and my Chancey-poo join me for dinner. Claudia’s set up makes it perfect for both large and small parties, while also staying intimate. My dinner was delicious (I got a steak of course) and the brussel sprouts were out of this world. That’s saying a lot for someone who can’t stand that one vegetable. They even brought me a cheesecake that was so decadent I had to share it with everyone.

After dinner, we walked over to SoundCheck lounge. Everyone loves bottle service and a fun night out with their friends, so I definitely don’t have any complaints.

Overall, my birthday celebration this year reminded me of how much my family and friends mean to me. Of course I can be all googly eyed over the latest bag or new makeup, but having great people in your life is very hard to find. I have to say that without these amazing individuals I wouldn’t have had such an awesome birthday.


And with every birthday comes the gifts. Here's some of the awesome things I received as well as  some of my favorite gift ideas for a bombshell Sagittarius.

SCHUTZ Shoes: So if you know me, you know my obsession with shoes is a little on the ridiculous side. My mom even yelled at me for about 2 hours on Wednesday when she found out I brought a whole suitcase just of shoes for the holiday weekend. But, you can definitely call her an enabler because for my birthday she added to my collection with 3 new pairs from Schutz. Thanks mami :)

Venus ET Fluer: Maybe I’m old school, but I still love a great bouquet of flowers. So why not go all out with 4 dozen in the perfect box from Venus ET Fluer. They're elegant, classic and just to die for. They may have a hefty price tag but it's only your birthday once a year.

CANNONBALL: What can I say, I'm a girl who loves her wine. You could probably get away with just getting me a bottle of this for any special event and I wouldn't be made at you :)

A Chill Night Out: For me, going to clubs isn’t very high on my list anymore (maybe it’s the old age), but I love to go to a chill lounge for a drink and great music. Speakeasy’s have become my favorite hangout. A few of my go-to’s include Employees Only, 67 Orange Street and Noble.

BAG Lady Dreams: Last but certainly not least, a designer bag. Of course this is a longshot, but I’ll be dreaming of a new Chanel or Celine for my special day.

Strike a Pose

Working in fashion has given me a lot of opportunities to work behind the camera. From celebrity shoots for magazines to catalogue shoots for our newest collections, I've spent days directing models and photographers to get the best shots. It's something that I really love to do and can call one of my passions, but I've never been in front of the camera.... until now

At this week's Maslavi shoot, I had an impromptu session in front of the camera with photographer Yasmine Asha, and let's just say I think I killed it! Not tooting my own horn but, all those years of posing models sure didn't hurt me. 

What I'm wearing: Eleven Paris "Life Is A Joke" Kate Moss Tee exclusive for Intermix, Steve Madden "Marlenee" Sandal, Zara Leather Jacket (from 2 years ago) and Necessary Clothing Boyfriend Jeans