I'm probably the least makeup consistent person you will ever meet. 

I can go days without using blush or making my eyebrows on "Fleek," and please don't ask me where my concealer disappeared to after lunch because I couldn't tell you if I actually put it on this morning. I definitely try and fit that "natural beauty" stereotype, not because I don't like makeup, but because its soooooo much easier. Forget the foundation and packing on the powder; let that skin breath is my motto. With that said, there’s one feature that I consistently try to play up, and those are my eyes.

And I have pretty big eyes.

Now don't ask me to do a winged liner or a cut crease (I'll leave that to my beauty professional friends). To dramatize my eyes, I go for the first item of makeup I ever bought when I was 16, Mascara. If there's one thing that I don't leave the house without, it's at the very least that. But, it's always good to try something new. I've tried doing lash strips, but that time I almost glued my eye shut, I knew that wasn't going to be for my everyday. So, after talking to some of my more glamorous co-workers, I decided to try lash extensions. 

My natural lashes just with mascara

My natural lashes just with mascara

Before I decided to go through with this, I did my research. Being in New York, there's literally HUNDREDS of places that claim to do the best lashes, And I've bought bad Groupons before (never ever do a Brazilian Groupon that looks too good to be true--trust me). My biggest concern with getting my lashes done is the fear of having them all fall off and I end up looking like a naked mole rat (SOOOOOO NOT CUTE). So making sure I'm going to a well reviewed place with excellent service is way more important to me than getting a great price. 

I decided on LashWonderland located in midtown Manhattan. 3 of my coworkers have been going to them religiously and I loved how their extensions looked. I made my appointment last minute, but thankfully they were able to fit me in that same day (which is amazing since they are full pretty much all day long). 

Being that this was my first time, I wanted to go a little more subtle. I chose a more natural cat-eye look as my eyelashes are already pretty long and I was looking for more fullness than dramatics. I chose length 13 with a J curl. Surprisingly, I originally just wanted to do a 12 length but my lashes were longer and the 13 gave just enough fullness. My lash-ist, recommended for my next visit to try a mix of 13 and 15 to give a little more length and fullness to really mimic bombshell mascara.

2 hours and 80 lashes per eye later, i was done!

Day 2 of Lashes with my best friend

Day 2 of Lashes with my best friend

And I have to say the result, although subtle are AMAZING! At first, I felt that my eyes were a little heavy, but I think it was more of my subconscious than the actual lashes. The first week, I maybe had 3-4 extensions in total fall out, which was my biggest concern. I’m now on week 3 week and they are just now falling out in larger quantities. 

My lashes after 2.5 weeks. 

My lashes after 2.5 weeks. 

My only concern with the upkeep of getting my lashes down on a regular basis is the price. While I can wear a pair of $35 lashes about 30 times, these individually placed lashes will need to be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks, meaning dishing our $50 to $75 per application. That’s more expensive than my gym membership, bi-weekly eyebrow threading and monthly Starbucks allowance combined! 

So yes, I love the look and feel that these give me with little maintenance required on my end, but I’m not too sure its worth the price. Luckily, I just received a gift certificate that I can use towards 2 additional sessions. This will give me the chance to at least continue trying them out through February. After that, I'll probably just go this route for really special occasions.

They Created A Monster...

I've never been much of a makeup person; I'm known for wearing concealer, eyeliner and mascara   on my best days, if anything at all. So when my girlfriends convinced me to plump up my collection a little more, I don't think they realized that they may have created a monster...

Yeah... when I start shopping, it's definitely a little hard for me to stop, but I can say I'm overall extremely happy with my beauty purchases! And it doesn't hurt that I got great deals on everything through Ebates, Sephora VIB discounts and online beauty deals. Here's the break down of what I picked up:

MORPHE 686 SET: Brushes upon brushes upon brushes! For a girl who's literally only used 3 makeup brushes in her entire life, this can be overwhelming, but surprisingly it's not. I have yet to tap into the ten plus eye brushes, but am obsessed with the face brushes. They work extremely well when contouring and give a flawless finish.


MORPHE 35K PALLETE: Whenever I open up these shades, I want to shed a tear. These 35 shades are absolutely everything! There's shimmer and matte shades and they're all these earthy almost coffee tones. My only issue with Morphe is their extremely long processing time. It took just over 3 weeks for me to receive this pallete and the brush set, which were both in stock!

BEAUTYBLENDER: It may seem crazy to say but I've never owned a Beautyblender Beauty Blender before. *say that 5 times fast* My usual go to blender is from Real Techniques, but I thought I'd try out the "real" thing for once. Plus with my VIP 20% off discount, it was only right that I shelled out the $25 for the blender and mini solid. 

MAC PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER: When it comes to concealer, I think I found my match. This is actually my 4th refill of this concealer in 2 years, so I'm definitely sticking to this amazing product. NW40 is a perfect match for my skin tone. As I don't use foundation (I don't like the feeling of too many products on my face) this is a great way to mask my minimal blemishes without "caking" up my face.

MAC PRE+PRIME: Highlight highlight highlight! I live by this highlighter! All though this is very similar to my skin tone as well. I think it gives me that added glow underneath my eyes when combined with my Nars cream highlighter. 

LIVING PROOF: Okay, so I have to admit, my girlfriends weren't the ones who told me to buy this product...Kim K did. Or one of her beauty tutorials available through her app did. So far I've used the hairspray and dry shampoo. And They Are AMAZING! I can't get over how good they smell and make my hair feel absolutely fantastic. 

LAURA MERCIER SECRET CAMOUFLAGE: I must admit, this is another Kim Kardashian pick courtesy of her go-to makeup artist Mario. I'm excited to see what this product will do for me in terms of contouring and highlighting.

URBAN DECAY URBAN VICES: I rarely cash in my Sephora rewards, but when I saw this shadow palette, I thought why not. Although the shades are not very pigmented, It's not a bad 500 point reward.

MAC LIPSTICKS: Every girl needs a great lip. So why not buy 4 great shades! Overall these are really nice shades for my skin tone. From Left to right (SIN, MAC RED, CARDINAL, STONE). My ultimate favorite of the four would have to be stone lined with Chestnut. 

**For Liners, I'm loving Chestnut and Currant. I'm actually addicted to just wearing chestnut all over the lip and nothing else**

NARS LARGER THAN LIFE EYELINER: Last but certainly not least, would have to be my NARS long lasting eyeliner. Being that my eyes water pretty much all the time (blame the fact that I'm pretty much on the computer 24/7 for work) I'm constantly searching for an eyeliner that will last me throughout the day, and I'm pretty sure I found it. This liner is super pigmented and goes on easy enough to give me that smokey feel. 

Bring On the Contour: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit

I've always been a bit nervous about the contour craze just because I'm not one to do a face full of makeup, but today I can say I've officially joined the contour crew. From highlights to chiseled cheekbones, I'm in it to win it with this new makeup phenomena. 

Last week, I ordered a bronzer from MAC thinking that it would help give some definition to my face, but to my surprise it didn't even make a dent into my skin tone. Thankfully, I work steps away from the Harold Square Macy's, so getting a replacement would be easy, or so I thought. Walking up to one of the MAC reps, the first thing I was told was that I don't need a bronzer, but instead should go for a contour.  The rep was nice enough to show me the newest Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kitdespite him working exclusively for MAC. 

I was pleasantly surprised that only a minimal amount of product was needed to create an amazing natural look! The cream contour and highlights in Anastasia's new palette are not only light weight, but are also build-able for those girls who'd like a little more coverage.  And at $40, I think this is one of my best makeup investments this year.

Guilt-Free Makeup: Get Bobbi Brown Makeup FREEEEEE

Yep I wrote free up there. With my new found guilt-free pleasure, you can get $30 worth of the ultra fabulous Bobbi Brown products at the click of a button. 

Gilt pretty much has everything and this $30 credit is just one of it's free perks. You can use this credit towards a purchase of $80 worth of amazing Bobbi Brown products, so basically you're getting about half of your purchase for free. Now, what's better than that?

Sign up for Gilt here, and be guilt-free :)

Plus! Check out some of my go-to products from the line. Bobbi Brown products are some of my favorite mid-price makeup lines because, it comes in great shades and the quality surpasses the cost.

Chanel Dreams


If there's one thing that every girl dreams for, it's Chanel. The universal classic is a sign of luxury and grace that cannot be compared. For my first Chanel purchase, I picked up their iconic lipsticks. The limited addition Rouge Allure was my choice for their intense color staying power. The smooth buttery texture and rich color is more than I could have asked for. Featuring a smooth black silhouette, gold interior and one-click opening, the packaging of Chanel lipsticks is ridiculously breathtaking. 

The iconic red, Passion (104) is the perfect shade for any skin tone, and was a must needed classic when I thought about purchasing this product. The rouge noir (109) was a more daring purchase. With the deep plum lip being such a statement color this season rouge noir makes a glamorous statement for those bold beauties.

photo 3.JPG
photo 1.JPG
Chanel Rouge Noir (109) on the left and Chanel Passion (104) on the right

Chanel Rouge Noir (109) on the left and Chanel Passion (104) on the right