I’m getting ready to celebrate my 7th NYC anniversary *Screams Mama I Made It!* While I always knew I’d make the Big Apple home, I never knew that I’d embrace the all black everything lifestyle so whole heartedly. I mean, I literally have 8 of the same exact black bodysuit, on top of the countless other black wardrobe staples that you’d think would make getting dressed in the morning that much easier but still have my mind in a tailspin on what black looks good with more black.

While I’ll forever gravitate towards my noire looks, this winter I’ve been mesmerized bu a surprising color— bright cobalt blue hues. Yeah I know I didn’t even try to go towards the neutral safety nets of browns and nudes- I jumped head first into the brightest most obnoxious blue I could find-and I’m slightly obsessed with it.

I found this wool knit beauty randomly on HM.com—I’ve been a bit over zealous with my apartment redecorating and surprisingly HM is a great option for affordable quality pieces (but we’ll save my finds for a future post). With all of the sales going on and their awesome in-store return policy, I took a chance and ordered this bright blue Cookie Monster looking sweater with all intentions of returning it as soon as it came in. But I can honestly say… a little color now and then won’t hurt.

Safari Prep: PrettyLittleThing Vacation Wardrobe picks

As we get closer to Black Friday and my epic Golden Birthday Trip to Africa, you know I’ve had to do some ridiculous amounts of wardrobe prep. And what better way to prepare for the trip of a life time than by buying amazing pieces that would fit perfectly with a Safari backdrop.

If there’s somewhere that I’ve been hesitant but excited to test out for clothing it’s PrettyLittleThing. I ordered from here maybe a year or 2 ago and wasn’t too impressed with the quality, but many of my girlfriends and a lot of my guilty celebrity crushes have raved about the online store, so I thought I’d give it a second chance. All I can say is, they’ve redeemed themselves!

When choosing my picks, I really focused in on perfect Safari looks. So browns and khaki’s were my colors of choice.

The Boiler-suit: Khaki and Safari ready! I’m going to look a little like I’m in the Wild Thornberry’s, but I’m all for it. This suit is the perfect easy and breezy fabric to handle the 97 degree temperatures in Zambia so I’m all for it.

The Dress: Whoever said you can’t pull off wearing brown with a little more melanin, didn’t see me in this. This dress definitely is a little more on the scandalous side and I’m not quite sure when I’ll actually be wearing this—maybe I’ll find time in-between visiting the Giraffe sanctuary and the Elephant orphanage in Kenya or I’ll just keep it for a night out in Cape Town.

I was a little nervous at first since this is a body con dress and I’ve pretty much stayed away from this style since 2011 when my booty and my morals were much smaller, but all my fears were washed away when I put this on. It hugs all of the right curves and is super flattering. Definitely a curvy goals dress!

I also got 2 other pieces that I’m super excited to wear on my trip. Of course they’re in khaki and are great casual essentials for our wine tasting and museum touring days.

I definitely love both of these pieces and can’t wait to wear them on my trip! What would be some of your vacation essentials?

Everything is Golden

What if I told you I've worn the same jewelry every day since I was 12...Would you believe me?

Well in the wise but rarely heard words of Maury, "That was the Truth!"

I'm lucky enough to have a mother and grandmother that have some amazing taste, and can thank them for my 2 most prized possessions-- my crucifix and my 7-day ring. You could say they're kind of like my security blanket.. I feel naked without them. But thankfully, they are the timeless, chic and of course gold. 

To add to my heirlooms (and a gift that I won't talk about yet), I've recently ordered some gorgeous pieces from Mejuri. This online jewelry shop is bringing fine jewelry to your everyday at affordable prices. I've actually been following this company for a while, but was a little hesitant to purchase real fine jewelry on my own. But you've gotta start your collection somewhere!

I bought 3 pieces--1 in solid gold and 2 in Gold Vermeil-- and I absolutely couldn't be more impressed with the service, the quality and the attention to detail.


Bold Stacker

 It is the perfect every day ring. And the price for solid gold is beyond affordable.


BF Stacker

This Vermeil gem is the best option for those wanting to add quality pieces without breaking the bank. But just know it's a little more delicate than your solid options.


BF Hoops

I'm obsessed with these minimal earrings. They give the right amount of oomph without being too obnoxious. Plus the price duh! 

I definitely plan on purchasing a few more pieces from them as they're modern, chic and the perfect addition to my collection. Make sure to check them out!!

Cougar in the City

Knock Knock! There's a Cougar in Town.

Okay, okay.. I'm not a cougar in the sense that I'm chasing 22-year-olds around town, but I'm an animal when it comes to my goals and aspirations in this rat race of a place. This month marks my 6th year living in New York City and I've never felt more motivated to keep pushing towards my goals.

For the last few months, I've been updating my wardrobe to make sure its directed to were I want to go and not necessarily where I'm comfortable at. You know the saying-- "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have."--it applies in the sense that I want to upgrade my wardrobe while still growing as the boss I am.

My way of dressing beyond myself, or at least beyond my normal black on black uniform, includes a new abundance of silk shift dresses that give a pop! Specifically, this ZARA leopard print shift literally screamed my name when I saw it in the store.

An updated wardrobe can do wonders to your self-confidence and your overall goals. I mean, I've published 2 blog posts in 2 weeks, so you knooooow I'm feeling good.

But, while this can be seen as just an outward expression of confidence, I can honestly say with everything that I've gone through so far in 2018, I've never felt more empowered and self-motivated in who I am and who I know I can be as a person.

While this beauty is sold out, I've found another leo printed dress that packs just as much punch.

Literally in the Gray

We're finally within arms reach of Spring, or what we hope will be warmer weather. So I've decided to amp up my wardrobe for the new year and focus on finding classic pieces that will be staples in my wardrobe for years to come.

If you know me, then you know I'm a sucker for anything monochrome. I've learned that by sticking to the same simple basics and adding a few statement pieces, I can amplify my style to the next level. And, that's exactly what I've done with this chic and sophisticated look. It's simple enough to take my everyday black staples and bring me to the chic side of things. 


For all of my everyday looks I usually stick to my uniform of black on black.--What can I say, it's the NYC PR go to-- My favorite  pieces this season are a ribbed bodysuit and a pair of the best leggings Zara has to offer-all in black of course. I love Naked Wardrobe's "The All Ribbed Bodysuit." It's not too thin, and features a slightly high neckline that makes it a sophisticated piece to pair with anything. Now I know you probably thought, BASIC when I said I wear leggings, but Zara's "Wide Waistband Leggings" are nowhere near basic. With the wide waistband and the center seam down the legs, these leggings are sophisticated and work with any outfit. I'm not kidding, they look better than my best pair of slacks, and are 10x more comfortable. I may be a little bit crazy, but I have about 4 pairs of these leggings and equally the same amount of the bodysuit in my closet. 

For my feet, I stick with my favorite black booties, which bring me to new heights both figuratively and literally. I've had major success with these Lillia Boots from White Fox Boutique. As the weather gets warmer, I'll switch out my booties for some mules like this chic but simple pair from H&M (click here).


Since my base is pretty much a constant, I like to add a boost my look with overcoats to cover up this tush and a simple handbag. I've been obsessed with Zara lately and I found both this suede overcoat and this cute box bag on my last online excursion. Both pieces are simple enough on their own, but added to the base they bring up the sophistication level without breaking the bank. 

And to obviously look cooler than I really am, I finish off the look with some sunnies from Quay.

What are your go-to staples in your wardrobe?

Waking Up in La La Land

What do you do when you can't take the cold of New York anymore? You take a weekend trip to sunny LA :) Now of course, my quick trip was half work and half play, but it's just what I needed to kick off 2018.


We stayed at the Jeremy Hotel in West Hollywood, and it was absolutely amazing. The room was beautiful and the pool view was gorgeous. It's the perfect boutique hotel with a lush feel. I'm so happy I found this place through Hotels.com.


Every morning before heading out to work, I'd spend a couple of hours at the rooftop pool, and thankfully since it's always sunny in California, I was able to make a pit-stop at a Forever 21 and grab this sporty two piece. 

FOREVER 21: TOP ($19.90) & BOTTOMS ($15.90)

Safe to say, this was a great mini getaway and I can't wait to do it again.