Everything is Golden

What if I told you I've worn the same jewelry every day since I was 12...Would you believe me?

Well in the wise but rarely heard words of Maury, "That was the Truth!"

I'm lucky enough to have a mother and grandmother that have some amazing taste, and can thank them for my 2 most prized possessions-- my crucifix and my 7-day ring. You could say they're kind of like my security blanket.. I feel naked without them. But thankfully, they are the timeless, chic and of course gold. 

To add to my heirlooms (and a gift that I won't talk about yet), I've recently ordered some gorgeous pieces from Mejuri. This online jewelry shop is bringing fine jewelry to your everyday at affordable prices. I've actually been following this company for a while, but was a little hesitant to purchase real fine jewelry on my own. But you've gotta start your collection somewhere!

I bought 3 pieces--1 in solid gold and 2 in Gold Vermeil-- and I absolutely couldn't be more impressed with the service, the quality and the attention to detail.


Bold Stacker

 It is the perfect every day ring. And the price for solid gold is beyond affordable.


BF Stacker

This Vermeil gem is the best option for those wanting to add quality pieces without breaking the bank. But just know it's a little more delicate than your solid options.


BF Hoops

I'm obsessed with these minimal earrings. They give the right amount of oomph without being too obnoxious. Plus the price duh! 

I definitely plan on purchasing a few more pieces from them as they're modern, chic and the perfect addition to my collection. Make sure to check them out!!