Why I March...

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.-Martin Luther King Jr.

This year's Presidential election has been the ultimate example of an overqualified female competing for a job with a man who's not up to par. If I must be honest, I'm a bit embarrased to know that we've actually gotten this far in the electoral process with such a visible circus, but what would America be without some good Reality "realness".

Besides the shit-show that is our reality right now, I've gained a new found appreciation for what makes me a young, successful and may I say brilliant woman. Since I was young, I've had strong female role models around me. From my mother being the first female to graduate college in her immediate family to my great-grandmother being a Latina civil rights activist, I've always had a strong sense of female empowerment. And with that view I've also seen how all of that greatness can be overshadowed by categories like gender, race, and age.

I myself have experienced some of those brick walls that leave me thinking, 'Oh my gosh--how am I going to get them to see me beyond the labels?'

But then I realize I'm Fabulous, Fearless, and Freakin' Powerful.

The first time I heard about the Women's March on Washington, my cousin Julia sent an email to my mother, sister and me saying "No questions asked, WE HAVE TO GO."

You see, when I think about why I plan to march, I think about all the things that I have pushed to achieve and focus on. I think about all of the women I've idolized as self-aware risk takers who don't take no for an answer. I think about how lucky I have been in this life and what I'm contributing to in order to preserve the same rights I've been granted for future generations to follow.  So, why wouldn't I march?

We represent a new era of women. An era that has taken blood, sweat, tears and years to reach, but is ready to be heard. Unlike movements in the past, this March signifies an intersection and new identity of True Womanhood. This is not just a social justice movement; it's beyond being progressive. It's claiming our position at the table that this political shift has seemed to dismiss. For far too long, we've pushed for equality and equity, and yes there has been progress, but deep down in the soil of this country there is an underlining and distinct form of misogyny that happily showed its ugly face last year--mocking what we've believed to be change and growth. This march is not just speaking for the rights of just one type of woman, it's speaking, effecting and touching every community.

So just as Martin Luther King Jr' once said, "The time is always right to do what's right." 

I'm not just going to be marching for myself, I'm going to be marching for what's fundamentally right.

I Matter. You Matter. Women Matter. We all Matter.

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STARTING LOCATION: Independence Avenue and Third Street SW