Short Hair Don't Care: It's Been One Year!

It's officially been ONE YEAR since I went in for the big chop and I'm still loving it! The last 365 days have been some of the most scary and liberating days of my life. Who would have thought I would have lasted this long with a bob? Not me! But in all reality, my bob has been the easiest to maintain and the most flexible hairstyle I've ever had. Here are a few of my pros and cons when it comes to my new yet old 'do.



EASY MAINTENANCE: The fact that U can go through washing, drying and styling my hair in under than 90 minutes is nothing but amazing. When I cut my I cut down everything associated with length. Less time, less products, and fewer worries! I use 5 key products in my hair: Suave Shea Butter and Almond Shampoo and Conditioner, Bamboo Heat Protectant, Living Proof Dry Shampoo and Hairspray, and last but not least, Oscar Blandi finishing cream.

HEALTHIER: Once I got my cut, my hair is 100 times healthier. I constantly had to flat iron and would over blow dry my hair when I was too lazy to roller set it. My hair not only feels healthier, it has an overall healthier look. From the volume to my ends, all I can say is my good hair days outweigh my bad by ten thousand.

VERSATILITY: This may be surprising, but I feel like I've been able to change up my hairstyle more now that I have shorter hair. When I had my hair long, I stuck to simple hair flips, wand curls and a ponytail here or there. Now that I have my hair short, I switch my look around with the snap of my fingers. From barrel curls to pin straight and even a slicked back pony, I love how different my hair looks day to day. 


WASH WASH WASH: I went from washing my hair once a week to washing it every 3 days. So, even though I cut my maintenance time down, I have to do the process twice as much. I also have made it my mission to roller set my hair only. Meaning, I don't wait for it to air dry and I don't blow dry. I feel like if I didn't stick to this regimen my hair would be brittle and dry, and I'd be thinking about cutting it even shorter. YIKES!

ITS SHORT!: OH MY GOSH! Those are the first words I said when I heard the shears snip for the first time. Shed a tear for "Long Hair Don't Care". I never thought I'd have short hair. I've always been the girl with hair down my back, but that all changed a year ago. After the first three months of having my short 'do, I went to the salon for a "trim" and came out with a naked neck and tears running down my face. (Let's just say I was not looking pretty.) Since then, I've let it grow back out to it's original "short length" and get regular real trims every 4 months. 

Overall, My pros definitely outweigh the cons, so I'm definitely keeping my hair short! Sorry mami, tias and even my boo, the bob is hear to stay for a little while longer! Here's to year 1 of being short and sassy!