Yes I Downloaded the Kardashian/Jenner Apps...And here’s my thoughts…

When I tell someone about what I saw on Kim’s app today, the first thing I hear is, “You really downloaded that crap?” Yes. I’m guilty x5 🙈

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Now I didn’t download this because I’m utterly obsessed with these overexposed sisters, I truly downloaded the apps because I thought it was a genius business endeavour for women whose every move is followed around the world. Not only are the producing content that is informative they’re in CONTROL of the message and the delivery.

Here’s my breakdown of what I like about each may be surprised as to which one’s I’m probably going to delete and which ones are sticking.

Kim K

By far my favorite of the 5 apps and the one I originally decided to download and pay 3 bucks a month for. Out of all the apps, I feel that Kim’s is the cleanest and put together. I love her makeup and hair tutorials, outfit posts and her behind the scenes photo stories that give you a deeper look into her family, business and personal life.

Images via Kim Kardashian App


Kendall is surprisingly my solid number 2. Although her content is not as developed or curated as some of the others, she sticks to who she is and what she’s about. I absolutely adore her style posts (I adore her style point blank period), and it’s reflected in her app through and through.

Images via Kendall Jenner App


Khloe money is amazing! Although I feel that her app is a little on the too-cluttered side, but I love her “Ebony & Ivory” videos with BFF Malika, recipes and her “Just The Tip” section. Her humor reigns through which is exactly what I appreciate about Khloe. Her St Barts photo shoot was absolutely amazing and I like watching her exercise videos (even though I haven’t tested any of them out #nojudgementzone).

Images via Khloe Kardashian App


So I’m indifferent about King Kylie’s app. It may just be that I’m not the biggest fan of an 18-year-old with a house and assets all out (call me a hater if you want to), but I like a little more coverage. I actually downloaded this app and deleted it after the first week, but redownloaded about a month ago, because I didn’t feel like I gave it a fair chance. What I do like about the Kylie app is her Lyfe section. These little blog style posts are written in her own handwriting and I feel are the most real items of her app. Other than that, all I can say is there’s a lot going on...😳 There was a video she released on her app last week “B+W Beauty” that I just thought took Kylie from a fun-loving, free-spirited 18 year-old, to an oversexualized video vixen in about 2.5 seconds. Of course this young woman can do everything and anything she wants, but there has to be some type of boundaries and guidance give. I’m 26 and have a pretty amazing body, if I do say so myself, and wouldn’t pose that way then or no. When I think about the influence that these women have on the masses, I would want them to be more conscious of what they’re putting out into the universe and how that affects how their perceived. I’m just saying.

Images via Kylie Jenner App


I actually just downloaded Kourtney’s app last week, but have yet to subscribe. From my brief overview I like the fact that Kourt’s app is a lot more lifestyle and mom based. From her favorite books to read to the kiddies to recipes and decorating tips.

Images via Kourtney Kardashian App

Overall, I’m keeping 3 out of 5 apps for now anyway. Kim, Kendall and Khloe. Whose app have you downloaded if any at all?