Curly Girl 'do: No Heat Bantu Knots

On an average day, thinking about my natural curls makes me cringe. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my hair, but sometimes I don't think it really loves me. Since I was young, my hair in its natural state has had some sort of vendeda against me. While one half has a flawless spiral the other side is straight, but all together they share a need to frizz like crazy. Yep my hair can be a serious mess. I usually give up on my curls and go for a blowdried look or use my curling wand, but today I tried something different. 

Bantu Knots

I've tried using Bantu Knots in the past and they've always failed me miserably. Today was a completely different story and I'm absolutely ecstatic with the results. I didn't use any product in my hair except for a dime size amount of Argon oil spread evenly across my towel dried damp hair. To make sure that the knots were fully dry in the morning (I have so much hair that these knots will literally take days to dry if I only relied on air), I sat underneath my hooded dryer for 45 minutes before I went to sleep and when I woke up another 15 minutes to make sure it was fully dry.


I love that I was able to achieve this style with basically no heat. This will be a great look for the summer months as it will mask my usual frizz.


Tell me what you think! Should I do a hair tutorial for this style?