The Posh Way to Sell

When you have a shopping addiction like mine, you have to learn how to subsidize your habit. The way I like to sooth the blow on my pockets is with my handy dandy resale app Poshmark.

 I post my slightly used items (shoes, handbags and clothing) at 25-50% off and watch it sell. It's quick and easy and the fact that I can do it on my phone makes clearing out my closet that much easier. Buyers can make an "offer" on an item at a lower price or haggle in the comments, but the most important thing is that I'm constantly clearing out my closet. 

 Payment and shipping are all done through Poshmark, making it even less stressful. They provide you with a tracking number and give buyers 3-days after arrival to confirm before they release the funds to you. 

I've been using the app for about 3 years now and have successfully sold over 50 items and have made $2000+! Plus I'm ranked in the Top 10% of sellers. So I definitely won't be stopping anytime soon :)

Check out my closet for new items I post and are available to purchase.