Appreciating Black Beauty: Lupita Nyong'o & More

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"The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice." This statement could not be any more true, especially with the recent announcement of the ever-so lovely Lupita Nyong'o as the new face for Lancôme Paris. Hollywood's newest it-girl and the reigning queen of fashion is giving a refreshing look at what is seen as universal beauty. 

As a brown-skin girl myself, I've felt there has always been a disconnect with what mainstream beauty is when it comes to Black beauty, but just as Nyong'o has effortlessly made her way into the Hollywood scene with her powerful performance, she has gracefully made her mark as a muse. Gracing the covers of Vanity Fair, Marie Claire and New York Magazine to name a few, her beauty and statuesque presence is not just seen as  skin deep but an internal confidence within her soul, putting her international presence and mass appeal in the world of film and fashion on par with power influencers like President Obama.

Nyong'o isn't the first woman of color to alter the idea of beauty, but I enjoy her strength and poise as a diamond in the rough. The new it-girl is a definite role model, showing how hard work, determination, education and self-worth can take you farther than you may have ever imagined.

When I see Lupita or other woman of a darker skin tone represented in mainstream media, it gives me hope that our society can learn to appreciate the beauty and strength of all women of color. Just check out the image below...

The contrast of colors presented in this image show strength and emphasize the parallels between the delicate greenery and starkness  of her flawless skin and vibrant clothing. This by far is my favorite photo.

My all-time favorite model, Arlenis Sosa is a beautiful Afro-Latina haling from the Dominican Republic, who has also held the title of spokesmodel for Lancôme since 2008 and has been featured in Vogue (18 TIMES), Harper's Bazaar and Glamour, is a definite shining star in the fashion world.

Her and models like Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls and the amazing new beauty Riley Montana are making a definite mark on fashion and how beauty is represented on the runway. 

Riley Montana is a girl to watch out for, especially with Givenchy under her belt. Let's get ready for some amazing color and powerful women in fashion and beauty.

And Then There Was Vogue...

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First Comes Love, then comes baby, then comes a colossal size ring, and then...there was Vogue. Yes, Kim and Kanye have finally graced the cover of the world's largest fashion magazine after months of speculation. 

The effortlessness of this cover is amazing and goes well with the couples minimalistic style. I'm absolutely loving it! And have you checked out the video!?! Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Now, I'm just a fan of their style and star-power/go-getter mentality, so please don't think that I'm on groupie-status. I definitely appreciate their entrepreneur spirit and work ethic compared to many in the world of show business. They've created themselves into the ultimate brand and have successfully taken both positive and negative perceptions straight to the bank.

But, not everyone can appreciate their success and have negative things to say. Take Sarah Michelle Gellar...

I think maybe Sarah Michelle has been drinking a little too much hater-ade, if I say so myself, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. What are your thoughts?


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After seeing my fav, Khloe Kardashian's amazing outfit choice for her appearance at the Las Vegas Kardashian Kaos, I wanted to look a little more into the brand behind this 2 piece gem; Torn by Ronny Kobo.

Crop top $190  and Skirt $198

Crop top $190  and Skirt $198

The Emma crop top and matching midi skirt created by the brand Torn by Ronny Kobo was a curve-flattering choice for this buxom beauty. The crop and midi skirt has been a major favorite between Khloe and her sister Kim, and all I have to say about it is work it!

Torn by Ronny Kobo is a sophisticated ready-to-wear line that has been seen on Maria Menounos, Paris Hilton, Rhianna, and Joan Smalls. The combination of prints, sheer cut-outs and modern silhouttes makes this line absolutely to die for. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from both the Cruise and Holiday collections...

Randy Sweater $338 and Anabella Skirt $186

Randy Sweater $338 and Anabella Skirt $186

Malu Dress Jacquard $378

Malu Dress Jacquard $378

Sunday Style: Phillip Lim 31 Hour Croc Bag

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We've been having some pretty crazy weather lately. From snowy mornings to 65 degree heat streaks, it can be really confusing finding out what to wear. For this Sunday's style, I thought it was sunny enough to pull out some Steve Madden strappy heels to go with my leather-look pencil skirt from River Island and gray Forever21 top.  To top the look off, I finally brought out my newest love- my Phillip Lim 31 Hour White Croc Bag.


I picked this beauty up at the NYC sample sale last November. The 31 Hour bag is such a uniquely simple bag. Featuring a large fold-over flap and double-sided zipper, it's simplistic design makes it the perfect accessory. The croc-embossed leather gives this minimalist gem an added ounce of definition and style. Lets just say I'm in love with my new bag.

Unfortunately, the white version of the 31 Hour Croc bag has long been sold out, but Phillip Lim has a new color available  here (Yes the price is pretty steep but the bag is amazingly gorgeous).

A Louboutin Dream

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Every girl dreams of a beautiful shoe. I don't know if it's just in our DNA or if it's a learned force of habit, but from Jimmy Choo to Mui Mui the choices and styles that these classic brands provide make finding the Cinderella experience that more exciting. For me my perfect dream fit is the Christian Louboutin python So Kate.



When I saw these beauties a few months back, my mouth dropped. I don't know if it's because I was born in the year of the Snake or just because I'm obsessed with a great pattern, but these So Kate pumps are to die for. 

These python pumps definitely go outside my comfort zone of Black, White, and Nude, so here are a few of my more practical lustful loves from Christian Louboutin... 



the famous Pigalle 120mm pump in patent. Perfect for the most formal of events to a jeans and t-shirt kind of night. The So Kate's also come in these classic colors, and I've read reviews that they are 10x more comfortable (but really how comfortable can a 4.5inch heel with no platform really be for more than 5 hours? I guess every little bit helps). The look of these two shoes is very similar, but I like the arch of the So Kate more, so those would be my choice.


JLO wearing the So Kate's.. She can seriously do no wrong.

What's your dream shoe?

Go-To Style Piece: High Waisted Midi Skirt

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Forget the mini and leave the maxi at the door; the midi skirt is the new go-to pick for stylish girls with curves. When it comes to some of my favorite outfit picks, simple elegance is what I really gravitate towards. And one of my celebrity style fav's that gets this look right every time is Kim Kardashian. Her latest trendsetting  look is the high waisted midi skirt. 

photo (2).JPG


This style is not just a great way to highlight a curvaceous figure but has a classic touch that is perfect for any occasion. The midi skirt is a favorite of mine because I don't have to worry about too much rise and inappropriate lengths (short or long). I've found that this is the perfect style for a girl with a little more curves on her bottom half like mine. Plus it transitions well from day to night . 


The midi skirt is a perfect match for the  crop top that has been seen on celebs like Jennifer Lopez. With the longer lengths of the skirt and the short top, these two work well with each other, while really emphasizing a nipped waistline. 

For my 24th Birthday celebration, I opted for a Topshop black midi skirt and long sleeve crop top. The look was sleek and sexy at the same time. Even though my curves were emphasized, the longer lengths and full coverage made the look classic and elegant.

For my 24th Birthday celebration, I opted for a Topshop black midi skirt and long sleeve crop top. The look was sleek and sexy at the same time. Even though my curves were emphasized, the longer lengths and full coverage made the look classic and elegant.

These are a few of my favorite midi skirts I've picked up from Topshop and Riverisland (FYI, these two stores are definitely my go-to for quality midi skirts.)