Summer Time Prep: Bathing Suit Wish List

I can't believe it's the last week of March and I still have to worry about whether I should start packing up my winter clothes or if I'll still need my hat and scarf come Easter. But there's one thing I can thankfully look forward to and that's the warmer weather and beach trips that come with the summer season. Unfortunately being that I'm officially an adult in the "real" working world (I swear I'm still young though), I no longer get excited for spring break trips like I did in college. Instead my summer season officially starts Memorial Day Weekend with the rest of America and my first stop will be on an island beach with a drink in my hand, sunglasses on my face and hopefully a cute guy by my side **crosses fingers**.

While I already have three trips booked for this summer getaways, the first thing on my beach trip check list is finding the right suit. One pieces, Bikinis, high waists and yes, thongs; For being the least amount of clothes that you can respectfully wear out in public, there's so many different styles to choose from. Here are some of my picks for Summer 2015.

The High Cut One Piece


I know, I know... this is definitely not the one piece you wore in third grade. Just think of it as an upgraded Baywatch suit that makes you feel as smokin' as Pamela Anderson running across the beach or better yet Ariel coming out of the water first time with legs next to a waterfall--yes, I've been a little Disney obsessed since Cinderella came out.

Last fall I picked up this white high cut one piece from American Apparel for my annual trip to the Mother Land. As I've developed some larger assets in the last few years, I don't necessarily feel as comfortable in a skimpy bikini as I once did. What I like about this once piece is that it's covering while also keeping your look sexy.

I'm loving the high cut one pieces from Myra Swim. This brand takes 80's and 90's classic cuts and blends them with modern minimalist style to create the perfect suits. Their Claudia and Elle One pieces are my absolute favorite for 2015. Although these are double the price of the AA suits, I'd still recommend these for their color selection and the fact that they aren't as commercialized.

The 2 Piece


While I have become a bit overly obsessed with the one piece, I do love a high-waisted bikini. These suits are the perfect way to really show off a skinny waist. I'm literally obsessed with this Mesh style suit worn by  Nazanin from Minimale Animale. You can pick up a similarly sexy mesh suit from Victoria's Secret.

Don't think you can pull off the high waisted look? No worries! Try for a high-rise string bikini bottom. You'll be surprised out how much the V-shaped design will elongate your waist to give you a slimmer frame. Not to mention, it's just the hottest look for Summer.


I'm also really loving the more "sporty" look for swimwear. NastyGal has a boat load of new swim styles that have just the right amount of sex appeal and sporty-chicness. No more underwire for me that's for sure. 

Curly Girl 'do: No Heat Bantu Knots

On an average day, thinking about my natural curls makes me cringe. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my hair, but sometimes I don't think it really loves me. Since I was young, my hair in its natural state has had some sort of vendeda against me. While one half has a flawless spiral the other side is straight, but all together they share a need to frizz like crazy. Yep my hair can be a serious mess. I usually give up on my curls and go for a blowdried look or use my curling wand, but today I tried something different. 

Bantu Knots

I've tried using Bantu Knots in the past and they've always failed me miserably. Today was a completely different story and I'm absolutely ecstatic with the results. I didn't use any product in my hair except for a dime size amount of Argon oil spread evenly across my towel dried damp hair. To make sure that the knots were fully dry in the morning (I have so much hair that these knots will literally take days to dry if I only relied on air), I sat underneath my hooded dryer for 45 minutes before I went to sleep and when I woke up another 15 minutes to make sure it was fully dry.


I love that I was able to achieve this style with basically no heat. This will be a great look for the summer months as it will mask my usual frizz.


Tell me what you think! Should I do a hair tutorial for this style?

First Day of Spring Fashion Finds

First day of Spring calls for closet clean-outs and new fashion finds. Even though it is literally snowing outside, I did get a little shopping in for the hopefully sooner-than-later warmer weather coming. Here are some of my finds for Spring 2015 from two of my go to stores for trendy looks.


While Forever isn't my favorite place to shop, I've recently been pleasantly surprised by the quality pieces I've been able to find. As always, shopping at this mega-store is usually a hit or miss for me, but this Spring they've created some staple pieces that have really brought my wardrobe to life.

When it comes to Zara, I get a bit goggly-eyed when their Spring and Fall collections hit stores. I stopped into the newly renovated location on 42nd and Fifth and was pleasantly surprised not only by the redesign of the store but also with seeing my favorite colors in great new styles and silhouettes. 



If there's one thing I've been looking for relentlessly these last few months, it was a pair of high waisted wide leg trousers in white. Thank you Zara for reading my fashion-frenzied mind and bringing me an AMAZING pair of trousers. I paired these babies with a white ruffled crop top to make sure my legs looked super long. I'd also love to wear these pants with a black fitted crop or even a bandeau and a white blazer. Definitely a chic look for 2015.



It's hard to believe that when I first saw this jumpsuit online I thought it looked a hot mess, but seeing it within the store, I fell in love with this zip front jumpsuit within seconds of walking into the store.

Unlike a lot of Forever21 products, this jumpsuit is made from a lightweight woven material that feels like it will be one of those pieces that will last.

Although this specific one is currently sold out, Zara has an crossover version in olive. When I saw it in the store I was so tempted to pick it up, but then I slapped myself back in to reality.

The Zara jumpsuit is not as casual but still has that slightly slouchy fit that I usually look for in a one piece. 



Who doesn't love a good khaki? These caged booties are the perfect addition for warmer weather and brunch 'fits.

These shoes look a lot like a pair I got from Steve Madden in black leather, but the suede and khaki color give these shoes a versatile appeal.

Paired with my favorite pair of Leigh jeans from Topshop, white tank and a neutral toned trench vest, there'll be nothing stopping you from making a fashionable statement.

This trench is from Forever 21, who I've also been a bit obsessed with (have you seen their duster jackets??? Can you say Oh My GAAAA). If you're looking for good layering pieces, check out their woven dusters jackets.


Like my picks for Spring? Tell me what you're wishing to add to your wardrobe.

Bring On the Contour: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit

I've always been a bit nervous about the contour craze just because I'm not one to do a face full of makeup, but today I can say I've officially joined the contour crew. From highlights to chiseled cheekbones, I'm in it to win it with this new makeup phenomena. 

Last week, I ordered a bronzer from MAC thinking that it would help give some definition to my face, but to my surprise it didn't even make a dent into my skin tone. Thankfully, I work steps away from the Harold Square Macy's, so getting a replacement would be easy, or so I thought. Walking up to one of the MAC reps, the first thing I was told was that I don't need a bronzer, but instead should go for a contour.  The rep was nice enough to show me the newest Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kitdespite him working exclusively for MAC. 

I was pleasantly surprised that only a minimal amount of product was needed to create an amazing natural look! The cream contour and highlights in Anastasia's new palette are not only light weight, but are also build-able for those girls who'd like a little more coverage.  And at $40, I think this is one of my best makeup investments this year.

Key Finds: Forever 21 Staples for Spring

With the snow falling like there's no tomorrow, Spring may seem like a far ways off. Buuuut, fashion always has a way of warming up my system.


The Mauve Duster: Ever since I high school, I've been obsessed with this rose color. If you're going to catch me in color, it'll either be Mauve or Olive. It works perfectly with my skin tone and the neutral hues that make up most of my wardrobe. I found this calf-grazing duster coat at Forever21 and it has become a weekly go-to statement piece in my closet. Paired with a long cream tunic and my Leigh jeans from TopShop, this Jacket is perfect daytime piece. I also paired it with my ASOS tortoise-print heels for a meeting I had at Seventeen, taking this look to a whole new level. 

This duster also comes in a coal color, which will definitely look amazing for those days I want to have a more monochrome look. Both colors are currently sold out online, but I'll probably head to a store this weekend to pick up it up.


Khaki Jumpsuit: When it comes to Forever21, I've always done pretty well with their jumpsuits. Seeing this one hanging in the store, I felt as if I was in a Khaki-colored dream. From the light yet durable woven fabric and the zipper front design, it's the perfect combination of casual and modern sophistication. Paired with my nude So Kates, this zip-front jumpsuit goes from being a simple piece, to a long and lean staple. It's the perfect high-low piece because it's one of those Forever21 pieces that's actually made to last.

Surprisingly, before I actually saw this in the store, I completely disregarded it just from the online product shot styling. It's always difficult to image what a piece will look on your body frame by the way it looks on a model who's taller and thinner than you, but always keep an open mind for the fashion possibilities.

What are some of your key finds for Spring?

Oh So Kate: Christian Louboutin Unboxing

There's something about a red sole that just makes people melt. I've had my eye on a pair of Louboutin's for the longest time, and finally I caved from the pressure. Here are my deliciously delightful new pair of So Kates.


I know I know, I teared up a little bit too when I finally opened up the box. I ordered the 120mm nude patent leather So Kates, and I couldn't be happier!


So after deciding to treat myself with a new shoe purchase, I went on the hunt. Of course, these highly sought after shoe was not available on the Christian Louboutin website, so I decided to continue my search online through Ebates. I thought to myself, if I'm going to spend over $700 on a pair of shoes (this includes tax), I want to do it the smart way and get money back through ebates. 

The one huge problem that I faced with most sites that carried the So Kates, was that my size was on backorder. From Neiman Marcus to Barneys, I would have a wait time of nearly 3 months. I was lucky enough to find them on Saks' website, but was smacked with disappointment when they couldn't "find" the ONE PAIR they had in stock.

After a few weeks of searching on my own with no luck, I enlisted one of my stylist friends to contact their "connections." Literally 30 minutes later I got a phone call from the Christian Louboutin boutique in Hollywood with the LAST PAIR IN MY SIZE IN THE ENTIRE USA!

Yes, my friend is that good.


I'm absolutely in LOVE with these babies! After I received them I was a little bit hesitant about the sizing. I'm usually a 37 and after reading reviews, decided to go up to a 37.5. My foot is a pretty normal width so I figured I'd be good with just the half size increase. When I put them on for the first time, I realized that the width of the toe-box on the So Kates is pretty much made for the narrowest food on earth.

I was completely nervous and went straight to the Madison Avenue boutique to get an expert opinion. After trying on the shoes with the sales associate, she told me that because the shoes were leather, they would stretch to the width of my foot and I should have no issues after a few wears. Safe to say she was right, and I can't wait to order my next pair in black and eventually get the leopard pair, oouu La La! 

Check out my latest video below to see my new So Kates on :)