Short Hair Don't Care: It's Been One Year!

It's officially been ONE YEAR since I went in for the big chop and I'm still loving it! The last 365 days have been some of the most scary and liberating days of my life. Who would have thought I would have lasted this long with a bob? Not me! But in all reality, my bob has been the easiest to maintain and the most flexible hairstyle I've ever had. Here are a few of my pros and cons when it comes to my new yet old 'do.



EASY MAINTENANCE: The fact that U can go through washing, drying and styling my hair in under than 90 minutes is nothing but amazing. When I cut my I cut down everything associated with length. Less time, less products, and fewer worries! I use 5 key products in my hair: Suave Shea Butter and Almond Shampoo and Conditioner, Bamboo Heat Protectant, Living Proof Dry Shampoo and Hairspray, and last but not least, Oscar Blandi finishing cream.

HEALTHIER: Once I got my cut, my hair is 100 times healthier. I constantly had to flat iron and would over blow dry my hair when I was too lazy to roller set it. My hair not only feels healthier, it has an overall healthier look. From the volume to my ends, all I can say is my good hair days outweigh my bad by ten thousand.

VERSATILITY: This may be surprising, but I feel like I've been able to change up my hairstyle more now that I have shorter hair. When I had my hair long, I stuck to simple hair flips, wand curls and a ponytail here or there. Now that I have my hair short, I switch my look around with the snap of my fingers. From barrel curls to pin straight and even a slicked back pony, I love how different my hair looks day to day. 


WASH WASH WASH: I went from washing my hair once a week to washing it every 3 days. So, even though I cut my maintenance time down, I have to do the process twice as much. I also have made it my mission to roller set my hair only. Meaning, I don't wait for it to air dry and I don't blow dry. I feel like if I didn't stick to this regimen my hair would be brittle and dry, and I'd be thinking about cutting it even shorter. YIKES!

ITS SHORT!: OH MY GOSH! Those are the first words I said when I heard the shears snip for the first time. Shed a tear for "Long Hair Don't Care". I never thought I'd have short hair. I've always been the girl with hair down my back, but that all changed a year ago. After the first three months of having my short 'do, I went to the salon for a "trim" and came out with a naked neck and tears running down my face. (Let's just say I was not looking pretty.) Since then, I've let it grow back out to it's original "short length" and get regular real trims every 4 months. 

Overall, My pros definitely outweigh the cons, so I'm definitely keeping my hair short! Sorry mami, tias and even my boo, the bob is hear to stay for a little while longer! Here's to year 1 of being short and sassy!  


A New Look: JOVANI & MASLAVI for the Modern Woman

Most of the time when someone asks me about JOVANI the first thing they say is, "oh yeah, the prom brand." What most people don't realize is that the evening wear brand goes beyond just the prom market and is actually a staple in markets ranging from bridal, party-cocktail, evening-gala, and my favorite contemporary collection, MASLAVI.

MASLAVI has become my go-to for gorgeous fits without going over the top. Just look at how sexy the jumpsuit above is! Can you say A-MA-ZING! The mix of simple silhouettes, unique fabrics and overall beyond trend styles makes this collection a hidden gem. Check out my new youtube video showcasing 3 of my favorite pieces. 

The one thing that I love about this collection is the styles are versatile enough to fit any event. From going out to dinner to a night out on the town, even a pageant interview, this collection just works. The striped midi dress and jumpsuits are exactly what I go for when I want to "dress up." The racerback and plunging neckline styles are great for my frame. I love the midi dress striped dress because the neckline and overall covered look isn't showing too much but emphasizing my hourglass shape. The jumpsuits, all though they are showing a lot more cleavage, it is overall a classic shape that shows my shape without being overly out there.

Which MASLAVI picks do you like?

The 1, 2, 3's of Passport Photos

I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel all around the world since I was young (thank you military parents). I've officially had 4 passports since I was just a few months old, which is pretty cool when you  think about people who have never even stepped foot outside of the US. But the time has come for me to renew my passport and even more importantly to update the photo that will travel with me for the next 10 years.

When you think of a passport photo, you're either thinking total drab or glamorized Kim K status. For me personally, I'd love to be more on the glam side of the table rather than the Cousin It side, so I decided to try out taking my own passport photo. Yes, you can actually snap a photo at home rather than at Walgreens or the Post Office, and it's not as hard as you think. Here's how I got my new shots:

1. Choosing an outfit: You may think this isn't that important, but you should really think about what neckline you'll have in your photos. You don't want to do something too distracting, so keep your look simple and neat. Just remember minimal jewelry is always better. 

2. Beat your face: But as natural as possible! If you weren't born with double stacked Lilly Ghalichi lashes, you don't need them. Mascara will work just fine, but remember this photo is supposed to look as much like you as possible. Dramatics aren't necessary.

3. The Camera & the photographer: Thankfully I have my Canon DSLR and of course my Katie to take great photos. Trying to get a "glamy" shot, it'll definitely take a few tries. So it will be better to have someone who's willing to click away until you get the right shot.--Love you Katie

4. Lighting and Space: White walls and bright lights are requirements to get a great passport photo. Find a clear wall with bright/clear lighting to prevent any shadows. I also turned the brightness up on my camera to make sure I got the brightest light possible without distorting my look.

5. Strike a Pose: No you're not vogueing, but make sure to portray yourself as natural as possible. You can either do a neutral pose and give a slight smile, but don't go too dramatic with your facial expressions. Once you get the face you want! You've got the shot!

6. Size it up: Once you've got the shot, it's time for sizing. Passport photos must be 2"x2". To prevent myself from making a risky mistake, I used the official sizer provided on the website. You just upload your photo and size it based on the facial outline provided. The cool thing about this system is that it catches you before you make a mistake in cropping (gotta love technology right).

7. Print it: After you've got your cropped image, there are 2 separate ways you can go forward with to get your photo printed. The first, you can upload your photo directly to's passport portal. They will print, cut and size perfectly 2 passport ready photos for $9.99. Fair enough right? OR you can print 6 passport ready photos for $0.29 at Walgreens and cut them yourself. I went for the later since I couldn't decide between 2 photos. I processed my photos through a website called They take your cropped passport image and fit 6 evenly on a 4x6 print. From there, I uploaded them to Walgreen's photo center and picked them up the next morning at my local Duane Reade for less the $0.60. 

Overall, the most difficult part of this whole process was choosing which photo I wanted to use. I'm definitely happy with how they turned out, and can't wait to get my new passport so I can start filling it up with all of the stamps I'll be getting this year. Stay tuned to see where I go!

New UGGs and hand-delivered for under $25…Oh You Fancy huh?

Until last week’s horrendous #WTFis10degrees weather, we’ve had a pretty tame winter. But with snow starting to fall, temperatures consistently dropping and the wind having an ‘I don’t care about your life in these streets’ attitude, I finally caved after a 3-year boycott of the infamous UGG boot trend. Yeah, I know...I feel like I’m returning to my Terp days of leggings and UGGs walking across campus--that Buzzfeed “You know you went to Maryland when..” is sooooooo freakin’ true-- but I’m returning with a purpose and in a chic way; plus I DON’T CARE ANYMORE IT’S TOO COLD!

Instead of going for the “BASIC” look, I got the classic shorts in Black. They’re not only perfect for my everyday monochrome style choices, but they will go well with any coat in my closet for these colder months; meaning my outdoor “I’m freakin’ freezing” look will be just as on point as what’s underneath.

I decided to order them from Bloomingdale’s (I know you’re waiting to see how I got them for $25)

Okay, okay so they really weren’t just $25, but mixed with a gift card, a great sale and my trusty Ebates, that’s literally all that came out of my pocket. One of my dearest clients got me a “just because” gift in June. It was a gorgeous gold frame, but it just didn’t really fit into my office or home decor. She provided a gift receipt as any good gift giver would do, so being that it’s just been sitting in my apartment still in the box for 6 months now, I thought it would only be right to return it and get something that I would really use. Bloomingdale’s return policy has no time limit, and with their big January sale going on, it was the perfect time for me to pick up something that I needed.

After contemplating sunglasses upon sunglasses and even a Nutribullet (yeah I know I was pretty much just looking for anything and everything), I settled on a pair of UGGs to keep my toes warm in this Brick-City weather. To maximize my discount as I always do, I went to through my Ebates account, insuring me an additional 3% cashback from my purchase. --Believe me when I say, “Every Little Bit Helps.”  I’ve been making online purchases through this site for 3 years now and have racked in almost $650. SO SIGN UP HERE: CLICK HERE-- The boots were also on sale from $155 to $129.99, and will be on sale until January 31.

I’m also a Bloomi’s LOYALLIST, which gives me free ground shipping, but I opted for the $5 same day delivery option, which I have to say is the most brilliant idea on the planet to increase sales while people like myself are sitting in the office.

So How Does Same Day Delivery Work?


Super Easy! After I placed my order and received my order confirmation, I got a second delivery scheduler email.

After scheduling my delivery window time, I got an email when my package was picked up and with the courier's name. Not even 45 minutes late, I had my Big Brown Bag sitting on my desk at work! Quick, Efficient and Hassle Free shopping!

Whether you’re like me and just want your online purchases in-hand seconds after check out or if you need a last minute gift, but are swamped at the office, Bloomingdale’s same day delivery service is a busy New Yorker’s dream.

All I can say is my feet are going to be super toasty in this killer city cold...Take That Mr. Cray-Cray Weather!


Yes I Downloaded the Kardashian/Jenner Apps...And here’s my thoughts…

When I tell someone about what I saw on Kim’s app today, the first thing I hear is, “You really downloaded that crap?” Yes. I’m guilty x5 🙈

image via

Now I didn’t download this because I’m utterly obsessed with these overexposed sisters, I truly downloaded the apps because I thought it was a genius business endeavour for women whose every move is followed around the world. Not only are the producing content that is informative they’re in CONTROL of the message and the delivery.

Here’s my breakdown of what I like about each may be surprised as to which one’s I’m probably going to delete and which ones are sticking.

Kim K

By far my favorite of the 5 apps and the one I originally decided to download and pay 3 bucks a month for. Out of all the apps, I feel that Kim’s is the cleanest and put together. I love her makeup and hair tutorials, outfit posts and her behind the scenes photo stories that give you a deeper look into her family, business and personal life.

Images via Kim Kardashian App


Kendall is surprisingly my solid number 2. Although her content is not as developed or curated as some of the others, she sticks to who she is and what she’s about. I absolutely adore her style posts (I adore her style point blank period), and it’s reflected in her app through and through.

Images via Kendall Jenner App


Khloe money is amazing! Although I feel that her app is a little on the too-cluttered side, but I love her “Ebony & Ivory” videos with BFF Malika, recipes and her “Just The Tip” section. Her humor reigns through which is exactly what I appreciate about Khloe. Her St Barts photo shoot was absolutely amazing and I like watching her exercise videos (even though I haven’t tested any of them out #nojudgementzone).

Images via Khloe Kardashian App


So I’m indifferent about King Kylie’s app. It may just be that I’m not the biggest fan of an 18-year-old with a house and assets all out (call me a hater if you want to), but I like a little more coverage. I actually downloaded this app and deleted it after the first week, but redownloaded about a month ago, because I didn’t feel like I gave it a fair chance. What I do like about the Kylie app is her Lyfe section. These little blog style posts are written in her own handwriting and I feel are the most real items of her app. Other than that, all I can say is there’s a lot going on...😳 There was a video she released on her app last week “B+W Beauty” that I just thought took Kylie from a fun-loving, free-spirited 18 year-old, to an oversexualized video vixen in about 2.5 seconds. Of course this young woman can do everything and anything she wants, but there has to be some type of boundaries and guidance give. I’m 26 and have a pretty amazing body, if I do say so myself, and wouldn’t pose that way then or no. When I think about the influence that these women have on the masses, I would want them to be more conscious of what they’re putting out into the universe and how that affects how their perceived. I’m just saying.

Images via Kylie Jenner App


I actually just downloaded Kourtney’s app last week, but have yet to subscribe. From my brief overview I like the fact that Kourt’s app is a lot more lifestyle and mom based. From her favorite books to read to the kiddies to recipes and decorating tips.

Images via Kourtney Kardashian App

Overall, I’m keeping 3 out of 5 apps for now anyway. Kim, Kendall and Khloe. Whose app have you downloaded if any at all?